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Advantages of our SSKV-Hose connector

No danger of tearing-off

The connection is slim, short in length, and does not project outside the cross-section of the hose line.

Accidents are prevented

Die Verbindung ist bei Druckbeaufschlagung nicht trennbar und schließt somit Unfälle aus.

Optimum power transfer

The exact accuracy of fit guarantees an optimum power transfer.

No additionally fixing

No necessity of additional fixing materials.

Sections remain rotable

Prevents damage to hose lines because of incorrect installation.

Our product variety
in an overview

SSKV – Hose Connector

SSKV - Schlauchkupplung
Data sheet

SSKV – Male hose insert – NV

SSKV - Schlauchtülle mit Nippel - NV
Data sheet

SSKV – Male hose insert – HV

SSKV - Schlauchtülle mit Nippel - HV
Data sheet

SSKV – Clamp

SSKV - Klemmschale
Data sheet

SSKV – Female hose insert – NV

Data sheet

SSKV – Female hose insert – HV

SSKV - Schlauchtülle mit Muffe - HV
Data sheet
Data sheet

SSKV – Female straight adaptor

Data sheet

SSKV – Male straight adaptor

SSKV - Doppelnippel
Data sheet

SSKV – Male / Male BSP

SSKV - Einschraubnippel
Data sheet

SSKV – Female T-adaptor

SSKV - T-Muffe
Data sheet

SSKV – Female-elbow

SSKV - Winkelmuffe
Data sheet

SSKV – Male-female-elbow

SSKV - Winkel-Muffe-Nippel
Data sheet

SSKV – Female / Male BSP

SSKV - Einschraubmuffe
Data sheet

SSKV – ball valve with safety locking handle

SSKV - Blockkugelhahn mit Sperrsicherheitsgriff
Data sheet

SSKV – Ball valve

SSKV - Kugelhahn mit SSKV-Anschlüssen
Data sheet

SSKV – Plug

SSKV - Verschlussnippel
Data sheet

SSKV – Cap

SSKV - Verschlussmuffe
Data sheet

SSKV – T-adaptor

SSKV - Einsteck-L-Muffe
Data sheet

SSKV – Male-SAE/Adaptor

SSKV - Übergangsstück Ni-SAE
Data sheet

SSKV – Female-SAE/Adaptor

SSKV - Übergangsstück Mu-SAE
Data sheet